Our other brands

WISPEED, we speed for you

As the newest member of the Logicom family, we have created Wispeed to meet your urban mobility needs at the big V speed!

Dedicated to active city-dwellers in search of a practical and trendy means of transport, we propose ecological and innovative products able to adapt to your daily rhythm. We revolutionize your travels by introducing you to a whole new experience.

Find a complete range built around different models of hoverboards and electric scooters, combining design and advanced technology.

Much more than just a means of transport, eco-mobility is a new way of life that is contemporary and environmentally friendly. You too, join our community and try Wispeed without delay!

D-JIX brings your senses to life wherever you are!

Created in 2005, the D-JIX image & sound brand is rich in variety of products: MP3 / MP4 players and DVD players (portable and fixed).

We offer you nomadic entertainment products so you can enjoy your favorite music and movie content in all circumstances.

These products dedicated and thought to make your travels pleasant will illuminate your paths of thousand notes and colors.

And because we are committed to continuing to propose new products that will awaken your senses, we will soon reveal a surprising range.

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